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Level 4, 178 Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 66 22 25

Welcome to Ultimate Corporate Wellness. You are investing in your most valuable resource – your people

We help companies become an employer of choice by creating ‘Well-Teams’- High performing team members who bring their ‘A’ game.

Engage. Measure. Inspire

Why Choose Us
[Y]our company values. We are about helping people be their very best. You are investing in your work-force. It’s just as important to select the best provider for your needs as it is to select a new team member.
Where do I start ?
  1. I’m considering a program
  2. We already have a program in place
  3. I know what I need
What We Do
We assist and support you to create and keep your dream team! We connect, engage and inspire people to be their best and get you talked about for all the right reasons.

We talk about you behind your back

In a good way! We believe in supporting all 9 Dimensions of Wellness:dimensions of wellness
Your team has their Fitness Instructor consults with their Life Coach, their Osteopath and Nutritionist, their Workshop Specialist and Key Note Speaker and Sales and Communication and Trainers and so on. This ensures each team member gets the greatest benefit from their program
  • S Whitlam
    Grant Samuel

    Although some of the sessions are individual activities, it has definitely added to the team environment in our workplace. We look forward to our weekly sessions and enjoy seeing the benefits!

  • K Wallis
    Navitas State Manager

    Our sessions have been a fantastic team building experience. The team have been great in catering to the range of abilities within our group which has meant everyone is always challenged yet looking forward to the next session

  • Ronnie
    Legal Services Board

    Despite participants being at a variety of different health and fitness levels, the UCW team is able to cater for all of us, using variations on the exercises to ensure that everyone is presented with a challenging and rewarding session. People have noticed benefits such as increased flexibility, tone and improved strength. It has also helped those of us who have tight shoulders/backs from sitting at a desk all day.

Our Corporate Clients