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The benefits of having one company delivering your entire program and all your wellness needs means you reduce your admin costs, time and most importantly, running around sourcing and engaging multiple companies.
The most common thing we hear when connecting with companies about wellness programs: ‘We do wellness programs ourselves. We have several providers that we use’. That’s fantastic that you have a program in place but is it the best time and money spent? We work in with current providers. We are not here to take over your program unless it’s not working for you. We provide all your needs with one company so it saves you time and effort and money sourcing multiple companies to provide everything you need. The other huge benefit companies who now work with us exclusively find the team members are getting more from the program as our team members consult with each other – I guess you can say we talk about you behind your back in a good way! This ensures your fitness instructor knows your needs as well as you Naturopath and Massage therapist and they give feedback and suggestions to the workshop and key note speaker when they find needs for specialist practical insight education for the team.
Housing the leading practitioners and instructors in the industry across our locations means we are able to provide continuity between consultations. For example, your Massage Therapist will consult with your Nutritionist, your Seminar Leader and your Pilates Instructor. This ensures the individual team members get the results they want and their whole wellbeing is being cared for at all times. We will develop a plan that is customized to suit both you and your employees.

We love people, we understand business and we live wellness, let us provide consistency and quality and build lasting relationships with both your employees, your clients and your company.

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